1940s Extract - I Remember When I Was Young (20th Century Memories)

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By the way what was the make of the car owned by Heber-Percy in ? I can remember him parking anywhere he wanted to in Faringdon. I was informed by other, more advanced course members that if I wanted to engage in dog-fighting, definately against regulations, I should fly anti-clockwise around Faringdon Folly at five thousand feet. From sheer curiosity I decided to do just that.

In less time than it takes to tell I was bounced by another Tiger Moth. After some ten minutes of violent evasive action I was able to break off and return to base.

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Needless to say no mention of the affair, the other aircraft or it's registration numbers was ever mentioned in the mess or on the flight line. I was most interested to see how the trees had grown during the intervening years, if I remember correctly the tower stood alone on a slight knoll, with no, or very small, trees around.

This was in Brian Scott. Canada scottbrian rogers. My own ancestor worked as a baker in Faringdon - no doubt with his brother in Marlborough Street - after returning from the Peninsula War in I have newspaper record and another record that the James family owned it before then; but James got into financial difficulties bankrupt and married into Carter family my ancestor's sister in s so that's likely when it transfered to Carter family. This is only a summary; got lots more detail; get in touch if this interests you at all. Steven Carter steven.

Thomas was born in Faringdon c and lived with his wife Elizabeth who was born in Manderton, Suffolk. Thomas married Elizabeth in Suffolk.

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Thomas H. Reynolds was born in March at Burford, Oxfordshire, where he lived until the time of hisdeath in February , one month short of his hundredth birthday. At the death of his father, he, having inherited his business [brewing, F. In his childhood he attended the services of the Established Church where, however, the congregation was somewhat evangelical.

The minister, being a godly man and possessing light, brought the true believers in prayer meetings and issued identification tickets to them, his purpose being to prevent unsaved people from participating in the Communion. When this evangelically inclined minister was succeeded by one who was termed "high and dry", a secession followed and the Evangelicals assembled in various private homes, dividing themselves into three companies in order not to contravene the Coventicle Act, which was still in force and made the assembling together of twenty or more persons for religious services illegal, unless they belonged to a recognised sect.

One of their number, Mr. WilliamTuckwell Mr. Reynolds' uncle used to read the sermon from time to time inthese assemblies, and ultimately minister the word to them.

While Mr. Reynolds was absent in London, one of the "early" brethren, Mr. George Page of Cheltenham, hearing in his travels of this community at Burford, visited them, with the result that they came into fellowship with the "Brethren". Reynolds became connected with "brethren" in his youth and would relate how after the divergence of , he gathered with a company of those who met in separation from the Open Brethren in a small room over a bible truth depot at Bristol. When Mr. Darby returned to England after a season of labour for the Lord on the Continent of Europe, he met with them in this room, and speaking on Matt.

Reynolds was a diligent student of Scripture, acquainted with the Hebrew as well as the Greek, and often contributed to magazines, notably to "A Voice to the Faithful" edited by J. Latterly he was unable to attend conferences, but hecontinued ministering in his assembly locally, until within three or four years of his decease in his hundredth year. Reynolds, his great nephew, has given a few extra details about T. According to him, T.

He also gave up the family brewing business for the same reason. He had a small-holding which enabled him to earn a living. His prayers were answered when he did not live to be one hundred years of age. He did not want all the attention that such an age attracted. Reynolds remembers T. No doubt his position as secretary in the gas company would be used to secure this advantage for the village.

Reynolds' name will always be associated with the Little Flock Hymn Book. In he revised Mr. Darby's edition of , which edition was used by many brethren until the revision of Yes, for glory! All these hymns were well loved and used by those who used T.

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Reynolds' revision. They are still popular. It's is the holy bible old and new testaments printed in Does it belong to your family? Contact Claudia lawlorc mweb. The Elms.

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School photo from Click photo for a bigger image. There is also a booklet written by Mary Beck, and contributed to by s members, giving an easy read all asbout the club and its activities. Its very interesting, real history, and a tribute to Russell Spinage and his sister. I can only recognise a few faces including Sister Ruth, and Margaret Hockeday too tall for the photo at right! I'm third in left, back row with to David Jeayes on my left. I certainly recognse the boy, first on left next row down name?

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I think many of the fellow students were day- school atendees. Since writing all this as a draft and not submtting it until now I was delighed to see Jane Meredith nee Robertson has written in with her memories - and identity as the girl third row back, sixth from left. I am hoping a copy of this will reach Jane, and I will also write to her separately. As with David Paris' tribute - - in retrospect I am enormously grateful to Miss Downs for coaching me to get to Christ's Hospital, girls then at Hertford. I had missed out on the crucial 3R's - and even though I was a slow learner Miss Downs did all she could!

And would Margaret Watts and Biddy Kipping be on e. It was good to have David Sheringham's reminiscences - did David provide the photos? Whilst, as said, my 3Rs were lacking the music made a lasting impression - one of my letters home, May 12, apparently enclosed a chapel list on the occasion of 'S.

Nicholson came to hear us sing. Francia Milray Hardman nee Mayes franmil5 btinternet. Photo of Church Farm House School, taken in the summer, when all the windows were open. The picture was on one side of a postcard which the headmistress of the school, Miss Downes, sent in I attended The Elms from until Rosemary Haynes and I were two new girls together and we became best friends, still are and I come over to visit her at least once every year. My maiden name was Ann Tullett - I lived in Watchfield and took the bus every day to school. I came to Canada in , married and had two sons. One of my sons is married and I am now a grandmother.

Anyone remember me?? The school looked much the same though. I started when Miss Moore was still headmistress and then Miss Towns arrived. I loved the camaraderie of all the girls but loathed the uniform, especially the awful grey felt hat. Rosemary and I still have the huge photograph taken of the whole school when the two of us "rebelled" that day by wearing black belts instead of the obligatory white belts with our blue checked dresses!

Pretty mild rebellion by todays standards. If anyone still has that photo - check us out - you can pick us out through the black belts! Ann Neilson ann. This morning, thinking of my childhood war time boarding school days, I typed in Church Farm House School, Faringdon and, bingo, there was an entry from one David Sheringham, enclosing a photograph of the pupils.

There I was - fair haired little girl with a fringe, third row back, sixth from the left!

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His letter brought back so many memories. I remember the cinema and looking longingly at the advertised programmes and wishing I could see the films. The chapel played a big part in the school's life. I think I'm right that the school prepared some boys for choir schools, and some girls for Christ's Hospital School. I think my love of music stems from those days and hearing beautiful boys' voices singing such arias as My Heart Ever Faithful and Let the Bright Seraphim. Although a girl, I was also in the choir which, as David Sheringham says, was in the old farm stable.

This was only used as a chapel on Sundays - it was a classroom the rest of the week. Walking to The Folly and the fun we had there lives in my memory. We would race round it in opposite directions and see who got back to the starting post first.