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This is !!! The previous main title in the series, Fire Emblem Fates , was the first to include same-sex marriage, though it included only one same-sex romance option per gender and stereotyped the bisexual characters, Rhajat and Niles, as dark and deviant. All in all, these complaints might seem minor for the rare videogame series that bothers to accommodate queer romance options at all.

But the tip-toeing around fleshed-out queer romances is a little suspicious for a franchise that has no qualms about relationships involving half-rabbit humans or thousand-year-old dragons in the scantily clad bodies of prepubescent girls.

But by failing to include a full selection of queer romances, the game devolves into tokenism at best, and an insidious pink dollar cash-grab at worst. Substitute Thapliyal is an intern at Paste covering videogames and music.

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It's yet another example of Jack Edwards being Jack Edwards. NCAA Football. NCAA Basketball. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy.

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By the time I finished the book, I felt like I had just sat through a two-hour sermon, and not a well-delivered one at that. By the time Catching Heat sputtered to its last pages, Luke and Abby have somehow managed to close all three cases without obtaining even one shred of new evidence for any of them. And then, before I even had time to marvel at their good fortune, someone ratted out Alyssa Rollins too.

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But when I read a book billed as a mystery, I want to see the detectives solve the case, not to have all of their troubles miraculously wiped clean by a higher being. Save your money.

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