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Below are terms that have been rolling off kids tongues, popping up in songs and memes, and generally floating around the Internet lately. Study them. Learn them. Bae: Babe or baby, in the romantic and not the infant sense. Bye Felicia: Adismissive term said when you want an annoying person to buzz off.

Still popular, despite being a throwaway line in the movie Friday , which came out more than more than 20 years ago. Also sad, it would appear we have arrived at peak feels. It can also mean drunk or stoned.

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An idiot's guide to new online slang terms

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Do Fish Drink Water? Bare — a lot of something.

An idiot's guide to new online slang terms

Beast — really cool. Beef — a hostility between two people that usually results in violence. Bovvered — verb describing a lack of interest. Butters — ugly. Chief — an unintelligent person. Chung — extremely good looking. Chirpsing — flirting.

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Dapper — someone who looks fancy or smart. Dizzy — crazy. Dred — dreadful, terrible, cruel,.

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Dry — dull, boring. Ends — area or neighbourhood a person hails from.

Göz önünde bulundurulacak daha fazla başlık

Fam — family and friends. Fresh — nice, looks good. Feds — police.

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Garms — clothing. Gyaldem — girl grew. Hype — too much, excessive, over the top. Hench — muscular. Hectic — good, fantastic, amazing.