Gentlemans Trade: A Regency Gentleman Abroad

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Writing a Regency Novel

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American Regency

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    He tries to do so as an absolute monarch. This soon sparks rebellion. In , a military revolt breaks out. As a consequence, Ferdinand has to sign one of the most liberal constitutions of the continent. However, with the assistance of the Austrian army, the liberal forces are suppressed and the constitution is declared null and void only a year later.

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    It is advisable to pass the Alps in September, before it starts to snow. Going earlier is considered dangerous with regards to passing the Apennines. They are malarial territory in the hot summer months. Its only with the rains in September that the air is purified and the noxious vapours that hover over the marches along the roads are allayed. January to March are considered excellent months for staying in the kingdom of Naples and Sicliy.

    For entering the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, travellers need a passport. In Italy, it can be obtained from the Neapolitan Ambassador in Rome. It is advisable to carry letters of recommendations as introduction to the fashionable society of resident Englishmen in Naples. Otherwise, a traveller might find himself excluded from suppers, balls and genteel company. Generally, the Kingdom of Naples can be reached by ship or land. The journey from England takes several weeks.

    The French Revolution, and, later, the Napoleonic Wars, makes travelling even more difficult, dangerous and expensive. The duration of the trip depends upon the weather. The trip from Ostia can be completed in 24 hours when the weather is fine.

    A working-class Londoner operated the most exclusive gambling club the world has ever seen

    Going from Ostia to Naples by passenger ship costs about 5 crowns, board included. During the war, passenger ships are not in service. Travellers might travel on a war-ship by special government permission, or should have naval connections at their disposal, e.

    The adventurous traveller also might sail with a smuggler or privateer. A direct road connects Rome and Naples. The journey of more than km takes at least two days, but most travellers take the chance to visit the towns along the way. Thus, they reach Naples in about 5 to 7 days. Luckily, the main road to Naples is reasonably good. There are, however, only a few inns to stop and change horses. Changing horses costs 16 Carlini per pair at the post stations. Additional 3 Carlini are due to the postillion for more information about money see part 2.

    Roads leading into the countryside are in a bad condition. For navigating the narrow, curvy streets, a two-wheeled gig drawn by one horse is the most convenient vehicle, but often the roads are only passable by horse or even by mule. For orientation in Naples, travellers for a long time had to rely on a map from As the city has changed drastically since then, the map has its limitations. A new map is finally available from Guidebooks and travel descriptions are available, but they are based on journeys of the ies and ies.

    It is published in The first bi-lingual guidebook about Naples and its surroundings is published in by Giovanni Mazzinghi. He also offers Italian classes for English travellers 6 Carlini per lesson. You can read the guidebook online here.

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    It has about , inhabitants in It is by far the biggest city of the kingdom, and as cultural and science strive, it is the main destination for travellers. British visitors love the exotic flair of Naples: The streets are paved with slabs of lava from Vesuvius.

    The houses feature terraces and flat roofs with pots of roses, jessamine and oranges. Dedicated sightseers can visit hundreds of churches and chapels or marvel at the Royal Palaces at Capodimonte, Portici and Caserta. The Royal Palaces are open to visitors when the King is not in town. Click here for a virtual visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta and for gossip about the social elite and nobel British travellers frequenting the palace. The seductive beauty of South Italy performs a powerful charm on early tourists. Under the liberating southern sun a relaxed way of life takes over.

    Gone is the goal to see each and every important church and museum, as it was the standard procedure for Rome. The myth of a carefree people in a land of plenty seems to be real. Instead of keeping up a strict schedule for sightseeing, most tourists are happy with simply strolling along the streets and enjoying the South Italian Way of life. The best places to do so are the fashionable street Strada di Toledo and the promenade Chiaja. Here, tourists can watch the Neapolitan high society driving around in their open carriages in the evening.

    It is considered a second Venice, without the heavy gambling and the blatant prostitution. Social entertainment includes hosting balls, card parties and suppers for other British travellers. He entertains high-ranking travellers at the Palazzo Sessa. Mrs Hamilton gives a musical assembly once a week.

    Being invited by the Hamiltons offers the rare chance to actually meet the Neapolitan society or famous foreigners such as Giacomo Casanova, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or the budding musical talent Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Naples rivals Venice in the field of opera productions. Many musical stars train at the opera houses of Naples, among them the famous castrato singer Farinelli. The Teatro di San Carlo is the biggest opera house in the world. It features boxes arranged in six orders, and, standing room included, can hold over 3, people. Its gold decorations and the sumptuous blue upholstery are much admired.

    It has, however, a poor reputation with regard to acoustics.