HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK: In Less Than 7- 14 Days That Will Make You Money Forever

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People often ask me how to travel the road I have traveled. And still travel every day with a big smile on my face for the realization of my innermost need to maintain control over every aspect of the creative process. That's just who I am. And always will be. My goal is to walk you down a narrow country road, not a metropolitan super-highway. I'll do my best to cut to the chase. Get straight to every point.

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10 Mistakes I Made Publishing My eBook, and How You Can Do it Better

In September , I left my corporate job to become a full-time author and creative entrepreneur and since then I've grown my business year by year, all based on my writing. More importantly, I'm finally living the happy life I always wanted. I'm not a Kindle or blogging millionaire and this is not a get rich quick scheme.

But I will share with you how I make a multi-six-figure income from writing books, blogging and marketing in an ethical manner. Nonfiction writers, this is a step-by-step guide that walks you through good writing routines and how to develop a solid timeline, then how to write a first draft and revise the draft, how to bring in beta readers and incorporate their feedback, and finally, how to pull it all together into a finished manuscript.

William J. O'Neil's proven investment advice has earned him millions of loyal followers. Did you know that you could have credit scores in the low s even if you never missed a bill payment in your life? The best part is you will see real results in just 30 days. A comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating a hit show, So You Want to Start a Podcast covers everything from hosting and guest booking to editing and marketing - while offering plenty of encouragement and insider stories along the way.

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Learning how to write a book is easy.

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Learning how to write a book that doesn't suck and can actually make you money - and set you up for a full-time writing career is harder. But it's nowhere near impossible. And it's far more doable than you can imagine. The trouble is, most books offering tips on how to write a book fail to address two key considersations: 1 Most self-published nonfiction books suck. Why spin your wheels struggling to write bulky, bloated books the traditional publishing way when you can turbo-charge your Kindle author platform with greater freedom, flexibility, and chances for success?

This game-changing guide is for aspiring authors and established publishing pros alike who want to shake up their routine and embrace a powerful new approach to self-publishing nonfiction. In The Microbiome Solution , Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a preeminent gastroenterologist, explains how the standard Western diet and our super-sanitized lifestyles are starving our microbiomes, depleting the "good bugs" that are crucial for keeping us healthy, and encouraging overgrowth of exactly the wrong types of bacteria, which can leave us vulnerable to a host of autoimmune and chronic health conditions.

Fuhrman offers his healthy, effective, and scientifically proven plan for shedding radical amounts of weight quickly, and keeping it off. There is an art to writing an article that prompts the reader to make a decision to do something. That's the narrow focus of the book that you are listening to right now.

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You will learn how to create an article that gets a reader interested, entices them, informs them, and causes them to make a decision by the time they are finished. Bringing together the imaginative strategies of fiction storytelling and new ways of narrating true, real-life events, creative nonfiction is the fastest-growing part of the creative writing world. It's a cutting-edge genre that's reshaping how we write and read everything from biographies and memoirs to blogs and public speaking scripts to personal essays and magazine articles.

Do you think that writing an e-book is a daunting task? By doing this you will find that one customer will buy some or all of your other eBooks. All you need to do is include links to your other eBooks in your eBook and add all your eBook titles to your Amazon Author Central account.

How To Write An eBook: In Less Than 7- 14 Days - That Will Make You Money Forever

This is an effective strategy to profit from your eBooks. In addition, use your KDP Promotion days sporadically across the day period. There are multiple ways to research a topic or niche, so I have listed what I feel are the best ways to research a topic. Now I could have listed a large number of research methods to bulk this book out and make it fluffy, but if you have read my other books I try to write in a straight to the point writing style.

Research for an eBook is very similar to researching a blog or website niche. Over the years I have built a portfolio of affiliate marketing websites using HTML and Wordpress, so after trying different methods and learning from my mistakes I can now pass on to you what has worked for me. By far the easiest method to start with is to write about a topic that you are passionate and know about.

Referring back to the previous chapter, think of a topic which you know about and then drill down to discover problems. I suggest you find yourself a quiet room with no distractions and brainstorm for ideas. You will be amazed how much information is stored in your memory.

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Open your mind and flood the paper with your stored information. At the end of this exercise you should have a few broad topics and problems listed. Tell them you will be writing a book and ask them which topic they would recommend.

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You will be surprised of the stored knowledge that your closest friends, family members and work colleagues have stuffed in their brain! Radio Stations Whilst travelling to work or cruising in your car, tune in to live talk shows or chat shows. Try to listen to radio shows where listeners call in and reveal their problems.

If you decide on writing a relationship book, those live call in shows at night are excellent at discovering relationship problems. Watching relationship shows that focus on family breakups is a great way to research in the relationship niche. You will discover problem after problem watching these shows. At the time of writing this book Jeremy Kyle is the new Jerry Springer. Watch his TV shows and make note of the titles for each part of the show. These titles are both creative and tend to be extremely topical.

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Ask a librarian Are you a member of your local library? You will be surprised what an experienced librarian can share with you. There are two ways to use forums — to research popular topics and to find problems that the users experience. My preferred forum for research is Google Groups. Google Groups has a variety of forums focusing on specific topics.

By browsing through the different groups you will get a feel how popular a topic is by the number of questions asked and the answers given. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn is commonly known as a B2B social networking platform, however you can find popular topics for your books. One of my focused topics is creating how to books for authors. I am a member of a few LinkedIn author groups and I regularly participate in the discussions.

By regularly participating in the discussions I keep up to date with the issues that authors experience.

On the odd occasion I plug my books to help specific author problems. In addition, I will add an extra chapter to my book and mention that my books have a chapter dedicated to a problem that is discussed. As you can see, this helps me to sell more books.

In addition, this will give you an indication on how hot the topic for these books are.

This method of research makes up my arsenal of tools to create a nonfiction book. In brief, you drill down through each category and ascertain which books are hot sellers.

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Since this is the biggest marketplace for eBooks it makes common sense to use Amazon Kindle for both research and sense checking your topic ideas. Ezine Articles There are many article directories online. Ezine Articles is an excellent place to research as they list main categories and subcategories. Next to each subcategory displays the number of articles published in that subcategory.

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This illustrates how popular a subcategory is. Furthermore, you can download articles to understand problems that are addressed in the articles. Ezine Articles is not the website it use to be, but it's still a great place to research book ideas. YouTube Another great place to research topics and understand problems.