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Virtuoso is the ultimate global community, and we're proud to be a part of it with you. In , she returned home to give birth this baby: me. I was her first child and the start of her own little family. But about four weeks after giving birth, per her work contract, she had to return to Saudi Arabia. Follow Filipino workers as they figure out life in the gulf countries.

My aunt would send my mother cassette recordings of me talking or singing as a toddler.

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My mom knew that her hands were tied. That was the responsibility she bore, even if it meant only being able to see her own daughter once a year. But when she does, her usually animated demeanor fades.

I hear a tightness in her throat as she tries to speak. When she talks about this in-person, the only thing I can really do is give her a hug, because this period in our lives was just one of several times to come when she and I were separated. After a few years, when our family was in a better place financially, she decided to move back home. But rather than staying in the Philippines, she decided to set her sights on America. Her goal soon came to fruition when she was given an offer to work at Physician and Surgeon Hospital in Midland, Texas.

It was like a dream come true: she would be sponsored to immigrate to America and have guaranteed employment. She would later cheer during middle school and high school, become captain of those squads. She later was offered a chance to cheer for college. My mom decided to take that gamble and up the stakes. She only agreed to go if she could take her daughter with her.

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Her terms were accepted. So there we were, on a plane to America. My mom was ready to start a new life with her daughter, dressed in pigtails. My mother needed to focus on her job.

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Our future and ability to stay in the U. So, she sent me to live with family in Long Beach, California, where I was reunited with two familiar faces: my grandparents. My grandfather was working as a janitor, and my grandmother stayed home to care for me. We went to church every Sunday, joining a Catholic congregation made up mostly of Filipinos.

We also visited their senior citizen community center and catch up with other Filipino elders. Guest Review Guidelines

In , Nanay and Tatay went to live with their daughter and granddaughter in Fairview, Tennessee. Although life in the U. This was most evident in their determination to have me learn and speak English.

They, along with my mother, believed that the best way to ensure this was to stop speaking to me in our native Tagalog and our dialect Pangasinan and to only speak to me in English. At one point, I not only learned how to speak English, but I also learned how to pick up the phone and call my mom. According to my grandmother, I was frustrated by how my mom could never visit. She had passed the requirements for us to remain in the U. I was sad to leave my grandparents, but this reunion did grow our family by one. While in Texas, my mom met and fell in love with a fellow nurse at the hospital, and she brought him to meet me.

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  • When Gabriel was about eight years old, she and her parents Dan and Marlyn Henning far right took a road trip from Nashville, Tennessee to Long Beach, California to visit family. On-Trip Experience: Kids and parents alike can enjoy custom resources from National Geographic built around photography and storytelling that will inspire them to chronicle their on-trip adventures and discoveries in new ways.

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