Load Shedding: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

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It also marked the rise of xenophobic attacks relating to disputes over resources. These expressions of injury and resentment revealed the degree to which a new public conversation about citizenship was required. They also seemed to suggest a shift in this country's self-representation. Viscerally, the national mood seemed to be brute delight on the part of some, but the early symptoms of a depression for many others.

The feeling was that we were living at the end of the dream years, at the tail end of our big Idea, and that we would need to find a different form of politics and new forms of personal resilience in order to move forward, both with the life of the country and with our own lives. Thinking back to the Mandela era and forwards to the start of the Obama presidency in the United States, Mark Gevisser reflects on our yearning for a new time in which South Africans are 'mobilised into active citizenship, not by the singing of an obsolete struggle anthem, but by the righteous articulacy of a profound and subtle thinker'.

Perhaps paradoxically though, he continues, 'there may be something of a relief in being free, at last, of the politics of redemption'.

ITCH - Load Shedding: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

Nevertheless, the burdens of being South African were newly felt and, consequently, there were loads to be shed, social and psychic baggage to acknowledge, to confront and to try to release. A period of uncertainty is almost always a reflective space, as people confront fears, distresses, a feeling of not-knowing - and so it is that we had no trouble finding excellent pieces for this book, a new archive of our times, following on from our first volume At Risk.

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Each of the first four essays suggest themes that are developed throughout the book. Liz McGregor opens the collection by writing about the deaths of her parents, exactly one year apart, her father murdered one night in his new home in Tulbagh. Each of the first four essays suggest themes that are developed throughout the book. Liz McGregor opens the collection by writing about the deaths of her parents, exactly one year apart, her father murdered one night in his new home in Tulbagh.

This is an extract from the book Load-shedding. Book title: Load-shedding. Thousands dream of playing Rugby for South Africa. Springbok Factory tells what it takes to make it as a Bok. There is something immediate and unforgettable about the experience of reading these stories of At risk - writing on and over the edge of South Africa.

JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. Writing on and over the edge of South Africa. Springbok Factory. What it takes to be a Bok. When five young people get stung by bees — hitherto thought to have gone extinct — they are subjected to various medical experiments, become instant superstars and are treated as messianic figures wherever they go. They are dubbed The Wonka Children, and they come to signify hope in a desperate time.

Exquisitely written, with a deft wit and filled with characters that intrigue from the outset, Generation A is not only a return to form for Coupland, but a veritable tour de force. Their son, Shakeer, who had come home from overseas for the party, finds he is instead home for a funeral. Family drama, political novel, novel of ideas, Aids fiction or good old-fashioned murder mystery the mystery being as much about whether or not a murder took place than a search for the guilty party and all other labels seem insufficient to describe this outstanding novel.

Coovadia writes with understatement and subtlety about Nafisa, her family and those around them and uses their experiences as a lens with which to examine contemporary South Africa. She has a deft touch that speaks volumes about her passionate and simultaneously cerebral relationship with language. Some of the poems have an autobiographical feel, while others show a vivid imagination at play. What is it about the French and food? They just love food differently from us. Maybe they show more reserve and we have flamboyant hearts and stomachs , but there remains mystery in their cooking.

Phaidon has revived a great French cooking dictionary, so to speak, with the most exquisite design and photography, it feels that you are in the south of France, in a little cottage, busy making coq au vin for your beloved. This is an amazing collection of home cooking recipes that have served three generations of French cooks. The book also has tips from Madame Mathiot on how to entertain, how to draw up menus, etc. You might not serve all the dishes often, but it is an amazing book to have on your shelf. A note to anyone who has seen the foodie movie, Julie and Julia — this book is the perfect complement to this great movie.

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Shock, horror! As usual with Pynchon, a plot summary is pretty much impossible, but the character of Doc and the setting is at least half the point — oh, and the fact that this is a very, very funny novel indeed! Invaded is scientifically sound yet remains accessible to the layperson.

Load-Shedding: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

Joubert encourages scientists, citizens and policy-makers to continue with their efforts to contain and eradicate invasive alien species. Beautifully illustrated throughout with photos by Rodger Bosch, this is a timely and important book for all the guardians of the South African environment, and for those who care. Rogers is a Zimbabwean born journalist who, bored with farm life, moved to London and then New York in search of adventure.

As the backpackers and tourists were replaced with prostitutes, diamond dealers and homeless white farmers, and the greedy paranoia of the Mugabe regime closed in, his parents were constantly adapting and surviving, through drastic and devastating changes to the country, to hold on to their land. Beautifully told, with an almost wide-eyed wonder at the events taking place in his homeland and around his parents, this book is by turns funny, moving and breathtakingly shocking. A successor to At Risk , the first collection of essays edited by McGregor and Nuttall, the range and quality of the pieces published in Load Shedding make this a superb and important book.

The book was conceived at a time when South Africa was being darkened by rolling power blackouts euphemistically labelled load shedding and many of the essays are suitably dark.

164 days without load-shedding

Most of the authors have contributed something intensely personal, and the quality of the writing is superb which is unsurprising if you look at the list of contributors. Despite the darkness, Load Shedding has a redemptive feel — something to do with this collection of young writers giving voice to the issues that challenge their lives as ordinary South Africans. This is a very different look at South Africa, as represented by its many beauty pageants.

Coming from many of the radically different cultures that make up the Rainbow Nation, all the people in this book are united by their drive to better themselves, to achieve something, and to get the sash. Beautifully illustrated throughout, we see beauty, spirit, grace and pride on every page, and yet such diversity — all human life is truly here. At a time when, as he says, blackness has become something of a job description, and black experience under Apartheid reduced to a uniformity of both suffering and resistance, Dlamini is at pains to point the myriad ways in which this experience was also differentiated.

Following the fragmentary approach of Walter Benjamin, he is a master of the telling anecdote, and then drawing out the significance of the seemingly banal. An important and interesting read for both white and black, or anyone interested in South African society.

This collection of five novellas is wide in scope and feeling. Ishiguro explores the ideas of love, music and the passing of time.

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And of friendships that were based on so much common ground, but after years apart seem alien and fraught with false memory. The pretence of life seems to have missed Sindiwe Magona. She is so honest in her writing, she wears her heart on her sleeve, in her pen. She is not scared — but if she is, her writing does not show it. In Please, take Photographs , she pleads with the reader to remember, remember the good to celebrate it, remember to bad to avoid it. This is an outspoken collection of poetry, from the heart of a woman who stands proudly.

Call it a mid-life crisis if you will, but that kind of generic term serves to detract from the real issues that bring Richard to this place of turmoil. Refuge is an outstanding novel, the writing is subtle and sensitive, the portrayal of the two main Nigerian characters provide a much-needed class in stereotype-busting and in Richard, Andrew has created a character with whom it is easy to empathise.

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Refuge runs at a cracking pace without ever feeling contrived. Andrew Brown is one of our finest writers and one of our most versatile ones. Refuge is his best work yet. Ontmoet Lucky Marais.

Load Shedding: Writing on and Over the Edge of South Africa

Vraagstukke oor ras, klas en agtergrond verdwyn, want op Santa Gamka wankel man of vrou, wit of swart, bodorp of onderdorp, boer of plaaswerker almal voor die plesiere wat die liggaam bied. Combining fantastic linguistic energy and verve with wit and satire, mixed in with wonderful characters and a rare willingness to tilt at windmills not to mention some serious holy cow-tipping this is a riproaring novel that opens another world to readers of South African or any literature.

Not many people have written this well about South African youth, but beneath the playful, glitzy exterior lies real heart and a seriousness that is far from earnest. Maybe South Africans just love their food more, we have such diverse cultures and yet food has become a great meeting place for all to gather and get along. In South Africa Eats , Phillippa Cheifitz, has knocked on the doors of South Africans from many different countries of origin and asked them to contribute to a book about food we all love, food that makes this country great.