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It also helps control your blood sugar levels. Protein is in: lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, legumes peas, beans and lentils , soya products, nuts and seeds. Your brain needs fatty oils such as omega-3 and -6 to keep it working well.

Good fats are in: oily fish, poultry, nuts especially walnuts and almonds , olive and sunflower oils, seeds i. Your state of mind is closely connected to your gut , not just because of your physical comfort, but also because your gut uses many of the same chemicals as your brain, and communicates with it. Healthy gut foods include : fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, beans, pulses, live yoghurt and other probiotics. Caffeine is a stimulant. Having too much can: make you feel anxious and depressed, disturb your sleep especially if you drink coffee last thing at night , or give you withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly.

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Caffeine is in: tea, coffee, chocolate, cola and other manufactured energy drinks. How does food affect my mood? How regularly do you eat? Quick Tips: Eating Breakfast gets the day off to a good start. Instead of eating a large lunch and dinner, try eating smaller portions spaced regularly through-out the day.

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There are numerous benefits to participating in physical activity, including physical, mental, social and emotional benefits. Quick tips for being more active:. What are the benefits to physical activity?


Physical Benefits include: Reduced risk of some diseases. Reduced risk of physical health problems as our bodies adapt to stress. As we become fitter, our bodies can better regulate our cortisol levels. Healthier organs.

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For example, a stronger heart will help you have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Healthier bones. Weight-bearing exercises will strengthen your bones and build your muscle, which can reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis. Healthier weight. More energy.

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As your body adapts to increased activity levels you get a natural energy boost, which can make you feel less tired. Researchers say that even low intensity levels of activity can be beneficial if you usually feel very fatigued. Improved sleep. Many people find they are able to sleep better at night after having been more active during the day.