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Through it all, the Count was no pet. Niceties or lack thereof aside, this was clearly a colt who understood and relished his job.

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Also clearly, he was more than just very good. He was the shortest-priced Kentucky Derby future book favorite in history at the time at And in the 81 seasons since the Experimental Free Handicap was created, Count Fleet remains the only horse to be weighted at over pounds — at an astonishing pounds.

Even more recently, when The Blood-Horse compiled their list of the top racehorses of the 20th century, Count Fleet galloped home in fifth — in front of the likes of Dr. How good Count Fleet was will never be known for certain. Longden, who went on to become the rider of more winners than any jockey in world history — and rider in the most races — rated Count Fleet the best horse he had ever seen. The only jockey to ride the Hertz colt in a race, Longden also exercised him at times, and he later stated that once, just once, he turned the brown flash loose for an instant, to satisfy his curiosity concerning how fast Count Fleet really was — but felt such a surge of power that he took him in hand again almost immediately, fearful of the consequences.

Despite high hopes, his retirement was finally announced in July , more than a year after his Belmont victory. I wonder, on what date in did C. Hewitt write in that cement There, at beautiful Stoner Creek Stud, Count Fleet proved both an excellent sire and, over time, an excellent broodmare sire. Prospector descends from Count Fleet as well. Some romantics - including my young self - fancied he was politely sticking around until another horse won the Crown. Secretariat earned his in and Count Fleet, at the ancient age of 33, died December 3 of that year.

He was buried in the farm cemetery. Photographer John C. Racing was at its peak, one of the most popular sports in the country. Nearly everyone read the newspaper and listened to news on the radio, and Americans needed distractions from World War II. In a time when writers wrote minutiae about his attitude, look, races and connections, Count Fleet was a dear friend, an American hero. Even his name sounded like victory.

The sudden way in which his light went out added to the startling effect of it all. Not in modern years has there been a greater impression left on racing people than that left this season by the son of Reigh Count out of Quickly.

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But the shortness of this one, with complete dominance over racers of all ages and sex, is almost without parallel in the Thoroughbred annals. In that same book, John Hervey also considered the words "greatness" in regard to Count Fleet. His words still hold true today:. By this means I confer an obligation on those who occupy the same ground with myself; and also on posterity, who, I am aware, will contend with me, as I have done with my predecessors. You may judge of my taste from my having inserted, in the beginning of my book, the names of the authors that I have consulted.

For I consider it to be courteous and to indicate an ingenuous modesty, to acknowledge the sources whence we have derived assistance, and not to act as most of those have done whom I have examined. For it is indeed the mark of a perverted mind and a bad disposition, to prefer being caught in a theft to returning what we have borrowed, especially when we have acquired capital, by usurious interest The Greeks were wonderfully happy in their titles. Then they have their Flowers, their Muses, Magazines, Manuals, Gardens, Pictures, and Sketches 29 , all of them titles for which a man might be tempted even to forfeit his bail.

But when you enter upon the works, O ye Gods and Goddesses! Our duller countrymen have merely their Antiquities, or their Examples, or their Arts. I think one of the most humorous of them has his Nocturnal Studies 30 , a term employed by Bibaculus; a name which he richly deserved Varro, indeed, is not much behind him, when he calls one of his satires A Trick and a Half, and another Turning the Tables Diodorus was the first among the Greeks who laid aside this trifling manner and named his history The Library I do not regret not having given my work a more fanciful title.

That I may not, however, appear to inveigh so completely against the Greeks, I should wish to be considered under the same point of view with those inventors of the arts of painting and sculpture, of whom you will find an account in these volumes, whose works, although they are so perfect that we are never satisfied with admiring them, are inscribed with a temporary title 35 , such as "Apelles, or Polycletus, was doing this;" implying that the work was only commenced and still imperfect, and that the artist might benefit by the criticisms that were made on it and alter any part that required it, if he had not been prevented by death.

It is also a great mark of their modesty, that they inscribed their works as if they were the last which they had executed, and as still in hand at the time of their death. I think there are but three works of art which are inscribed positively with the words "such a one executed this;" of these I shall give an account in the proper place. In these cases it appears, that the artist felt the most perfect satisfaction with his work, and hence these pieces have excited the envy of every one. I, indeed, freely admit, that much may be added to my works; not only to this, but to all which I have published.

By this admission I hope to escape from the carping critics 36 , and I have the more reason to say this, because I hear that there are certain Stoics and Logicians 37 , and also Epicureans from the Grammarians 38 I expected as much , who are big with something against the little work I published on Grammar 39 ; and that they have been carrying these abortions for ten years together—a longer pregnancy this than the elephant's But I well know, that even a woman once wrote against Theophrastus, a man so eminent for his eloquence that he obtained his name, which signifies the Divine speaker 41 , and that from this circumstance originated the proverb of choosing a tree to hang oneself I cannot refrain from quoting the words of Cato the censor, which are so pertinent to this point.

It appears from them, that even Cato, who wrote commentaries on military discipline 43 , and who had learned the military art under Africanus, or rather under Hannibal for he could not endure Africanus 44 , who, when he was his general, had borne away the triumph from him , that Cato , I say, was open to the attacks of such as caught at reputation for themselves by detracting from the merits of others.

And what does he say in his book? Feeling myself, therefore, secure against these vile slanderers 47 , a name elegantly composed by Cato , to express their slanderous and vile disposition for what other object have they, but to wrangle and breed quarrels? And because the public good requires that you should be spared as much as possible from all trouble, I have subjoined to this epistle the contents of each of the following books 48 , and have used my best endeavours to prevent your being obliged to read them all through.

And this, which was done for your benefit, will also serve the same purpose for others, so that any one may search for what he wishes, and may know where to find it. This has been already done among us by Valerius Soranus, in his work which he entitled "On Mysteries The 2nd is on the World, the Elements, and the Heavenly Bodies The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th books are on Geography, in which is contained an account of the situation of the different countries, the inhabitants, the seas, towns, harbours, mountains, rivers, and dimensions, and the various tribes, some of which still exist and others have disappeared.

The 7th is on Man, and the Inventions of Man.

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The 8th on the various kinds of Land Animals. The 9th on Aquatic Animals. The 10th on the various kinds of Birds. The 11th on Insects. The 12th on Odoriferous Plants. The 13th on Exotic Trees.

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The 14th on Vines. The 15th on Fruit Trees. The 16th on Forest Trees. The 17th on Plants raised in nurseries or gardens. The 18th on the nature of Fruits and the Cerealia, and the pursuits of the Husbandman. The 19th on Flax, Broom 51 , and Gardening. The 20th on the Cultivated Plants that are proper for food and for medicine. The 21st on Flowers and Plants that are used for making Garlands.

Union Generals. Charley Hewitt was British, a war veteran and, obviously, an unusually sentimental sort. General Ord captured eight wounded prisoners and two caissons with ammunition.

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Jul 21, Robert C. Loose graze using whatever techniques you prefer: hobbles, pickets, electric fence, etc. Confederate History. Euron previously sought to offer his hand in marriage to Daenerys, but after learning he had been beaten by his nephew and niece, he instead accepted an invitation to King's Landing by Cersei Lannister, who had seized the Iron Throne after the death of her son, King Tommen Baratheon. Euron once more offered his hand in marriage, this time to Cersei, to solidify an alliance between the Lannisters and the Greyjoys, but she declined to marry him.

Euron decided to bring Cersei "a priceless gift" to change her mind and vowed not to return to King's Landing until he had that gift for her, much to the distaste of Jaime Lannister. Daenerys, meanwhile, landed at Dragonstone with her allies.

In the chamber of the Painted Table , they discussed their war plans for the Targaryen reconquest. Daenerys ordered Yara, Theon, Ellaria, and the Sand Snakes to go to Dorne with their ships to gather and consolidate their forces, at the suggestion of Tyrion Lannister. Yara and her brother Theon run up onto the deck to see the Silence , the flagship of their uncle Euron , attacking them, along with the rest of the Iron Fleet attacking theirs.

Euron locks the Silence onto Black Wind with his corvus and boards, along with the rest of his soldiers and they begin to fight Yara and Theon's loyal Ironborn warriors. Tyene Sand runs onto deck but Yara sends her back down below to protect Ellaria, her mother. All the while, trebuchets from Euron's fleet launch fireballs into Yara's ships, setting them afire and sinking them.

Euron cuts down several of Yara and Theon's men with his axe, but it is buried too deep into the skull of one of the men he kills and he is unable to pry it out. As he struggles to get it out, he is suddenly grabbed by Nymeria's whip around his throat; unfortunately, the attack only enrages Euron and he charges at Nymeria, hitting her in the face, distracting her long enough to get the whip from around his throat.

However, he is able to dodge her other attacks and knocks her to the ground with her own spear, snapping it in half with her back before impaling her with the two halves of her spear and lifting her in the air.

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Nymeria sees this and runs towards Euron, stabbing him with her knife; their weapons were likely not coated with poison due to the unexpectedness of the attack. Euron is able to take her whip, however, and chokes her to death with it. Meanwhile, Tyene and her mother Ellaria are captured by Euron's men. Ellaria tells them to kill them and be done with it, but the tongueless crew of the Silence only smile and bring them on deck to Euron.

Yara's fleet has been destroyed almost completely. Only "two or three" ships escaped.

Euron Greyjoy returns to King's Landing , greeted by a crowd of cheering smallfolk. He rides a horse towards the Red Keep with his niece Yara on a leash behind him. Cersei then proceeded to take vengeance on Ellaria and Tyene for their part in Myrcella's murder , poisoning Tyene with the same toxin used to kill her daughter, whilst leaving Ellaria alive to watch her daughter's death, powerless to help her. Euron's victory left Daenerys at a logistical disadvantage, as the vast majority of the ships needed to ferry her troops to mainland Westeros were lost.

Stone Horses (Stone Fleet Book 3)

The capture of Ellaria and Tyene and the deaths of Obara and Nymeria Sand also left Dorne without current leadership, despite their strong opposition to the Lannisters. As a result, Daenerys will likely have to postpone her planned siege of King's Landing, at least temporarily as the bulk of her forces are still on Dragonstone. Daenerys proposed using her dragons to hunt down and burn the Iron Fleet all at once. However, Tyrion pointed out that Euron has likely spread out his fleet into smaller flotillas to prevent just that.