The Energy in Your Hands. Manual of Usui Reiki, Practical Guide for I, II Level and Reiki Master

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You keep your hand there until hopefully it stops. Our bodies are made up of energy, we use our hands to comfort hurt, to communicate love, we are transferring and focusing energy. Reiki is inherent, instinctive and innate within all of us. It amplifies and intensifies the power of touch, it promotes balance, peace, and harmony in your spirit, mind and body.

Reiki can be learned to help yourself, and anyone of any age or sex. Reiki Classes: Usui Reiki.

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  2. Reiki Class Descriptions for Usui Tibetan Western-Style Reiki.
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To complete a Reiki Master Course you must be previously Reiki Level I and II attuned by a prior Reiki Teacher, certification of completion must be emailed prior to registering for the course. This course includes a Reiki Master and Teacher guidance Manual.

Accomplishments and Whereabouts of Hawayo Takata's Twenty-Two Reiki Initiates

Ranging from business to spirituality to women's healing. Kelly, author of Reiki and the Healing Buddha, says the sensations of the hands that Reiki practitioners experience can be explained by the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. If the hands are cold, the body has too much yin energy. The pulsating sensation of Reiki can be felt in all parts of your body, but especially in the palms of your hands. This is because the palms are the outlets of Reiki energy. Reiki is like an anxious mother waiting at the door with open arms for her children to come home.

Reiki wants to flow out of your hands and be put to good use. As soon as you place your hands on yourself or someone else, Reiki automatically turns on.

Reiki Self Healing Alternative healing meditation

After you are attuned to Reiki, you become a walking generator of sorts. Your body will heat up and start spewing out healing energies whenever you are near anyone who is receptive to Reiki. This feeling can overwhelm the newly attuned person, especially if he or she had not been advised beforehand that this could happen. Your immediate reaction may be to place your hands on the person, but this is not recommended.

the mind body and soul coach

Always ask first. You do not need to lay your hands on the person for Reiki to flow over to him or her. Simply put a smile on your face and allow Reiki to do all the transference; just being aware that you are a conduit for Reiki is sufficient. Accept your role as a Reiki channel and try not to get caught up in a need-to-know mindset. It is not important to know where the Reiki is going. Simply let it flow.

Healers who are familiar with the healing properties of gemstones will sometimes combine the healing energies of specific crystals in their Reiki sessions with clients. Metals, on the other hand, are conductors of energy and will absorb Reiki, potentially cheating the receiver of the full benefit.

Western–Style Reiki

Magnetic jewelry also presents a problem, as it may polarize the Reiki energy. There may be times when Reiki will ball up in your hands, creating a circling orb of energy. Imagine having a tennis ball glued to the palm of your hand. No matter how hard you try, you cannot shake it off.

Now, imagine that this tennis ball is a living organism that has a pulse. Experiencing these pulsating balls of energy in your hands can be an odd or even disturbing sensation, but there is nothing to worry about. However, this may very well be an indication that self-Reiki is needed. Take advantage of this excess of energy in your hands and place your hands on your body. Allowing the Reiki to flow into your body should help reduce or release the ball of energy from your palms. Anytime you feel an excess of energy building up in your body, you can take advantage of this by infusing inanimate objects with Reiki.

Placing Reiki inside objects transforms them into healing instruments. Reiki can be put into any object by holding the object between your hands and allowing Reiki energies to pour into it. Reiki Level II practitioners can also place Reiki symbols, along with their energies, into these objects, making them become even more powerful. Water pipes expand and contract to accommodate the water as it flows through them. In this same manner your body also adjusts to the flow of Reiki being channeled through your body.

New Information

When Reiki is being drawn out of your palms at a faster rate or in larger proportions than you are accustomed to, you may experience your hands vibrating. The vibration occurs as a result of the Reiki gushing through your body so quickly that it gets backed up into your hands. Reiki is trying to get out and go where it needs to go, but the openings in your palms are too narrow to pass it on efficiently. This is not an insurmountable problem. Aside from being uncomfortable, the shakiness in your hands is merely signifying that the person receiving Reiki from you is in great need.

The recipient is sponging up Reiki as fast as he or she can get it. Aside from the vibrational sensation in your hands, you may also experience soreness in your wrists and the joints of your fingers. In treating people with severe illnesses, you may feel a powerful pulling of Reiki energies from your neck, shoulders, and down your arms as well. If you find channeling greater volumes of Reiki painful or uncomfortable when treating someone, remove your hands from the recipient from time to time to give your hands a chance to rest.

You can alternate — ten minutes hands on, ten minutes hands off, and so on. Reiki flows in the direction of the easiest pathway.

Reiki Sensations

When the natural course of a river comes up against a dam, the water pools up in that area until it either breaks through the blockade or reroutes itself by traveling around the obstacle, moving through to the next available open channel. Reiki is just like a river. Its energies flow through our bodies, following the most natural path in filling us up. The hand placements used to administer Reiki allow the energy to enter the body through different channels.

Reiki Training

There are twelve basic hand placements that are used in giving a full-body Reiki treatment—four placements on the head, four on the front of the body, and four placements on the back of the body. Applying Reiki for five minutes in each of these placements helps to distribute Reiki evenly over the whole body. However, when hands are placed on one area, sometimes the person will experience hot spots elsewhere. Always know that Reiki goes where it needs to go. As you move your hands through the various hand placements, you may come to a position on the body that feels blocked.

When you no longer feel Reiki flowing from your palms, your first impulse may be to move on to the next hand placement-but hold on. Blocked areas are denser and often need more attention given to them. Sometimes all you will need to do is shift your hands an inch or two from that position, either up or down, in order to get Reiki to start flowing again. No pressure is to be applied to the body when giving Reiki.

Place your hands gently on the body.

However, there may be situations when your hands might feel as if they are actually sinking deeply into the body while giving Reiki. This sinking or magnetic pulling sensation happens when your etheric hand extends itself into the deep tissues. During a Reiki treatment, you may sense a waft of fragrance. It has been said that this can be an indication that a spirit guide, angelic being, or Ascended Master is visiting your session.

Some reported sensing Mrs. Removing your physical hand before your etheric hand has retracted itself to join the physical hand can cause a disruption in the healing session. If your hands feel like they are stuck to the body, it is likely that this kind of deeper etheric healing is occurring.