Top 10 Misconceptions About Reputation Management (Top 10 Misconceptions Of Digital Marketing)

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Content should shift seamlessly to mobile platforms. It must be easy to share, fast to load, and secure to download when necessary. Ordering products on a mobile device, viewing brand information, and contacting an eCommerce business should be no different from using the browser on a PC. That is what consumers expect, with very little wiggle room for errors.

Newer websites already convert well to mobile because developers anticipated and evolved with the shift from PC to mobile device browsing. If necessary, test the mobile product page by asking younger mobile users with experience in browsing the web to go to the site and report any issues or bugs they find with the page.

Likewise, ask a less experienced user to access the site via mobile device and tell your business what would make it easier to navigate. The feedback will be unbiased and give you actionable information to drive changes. Compile all the results and feedback, and create criteria that will help you make your product page and site mobile friendly. Here we circle back to the instant gratification craze; consumers want mobile platforms that provide information fast. Mobile product page content requires the following information be easily accessible to the consumer:.

Be transparent and make sure any important information they can obtain on-site through a PC browser is available on a mobile device browser. Proper text formatting is important.

5 Common Misconceptions About Branding You Should Know

Any text used on the original product page should translate well to a mobile platform. When building product page content, use the criteria below to create mobile-friendly page content:.

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If you still feel that mobile compatibility is an option and not a necessity, consider the following statistic. Over 65 percent of consumers said mobile-friendly sites make them more likely to purchase a product. That is a lot of potential business to miss out on. True, that only reflects mobile users, but eCommerce is becoming increasingly driven by shoppers using mobile devices.

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Considering the average page takes at least 22 seconds to properly load, three seconds seems a bit unrealistic to expect. However, getting as close as possible to that three second load time can only benefit your business. Loading is only half the issue, because your product page also has to perform properly.

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There are two main ways to immediately improve page performance and loading speed. First, repair any broken links so consumers are directed to their desired product pages successfully without having to search through your site for the right link. Both tools are fairly easy to use, and they provide valuable insight into problem areas of your site or chosen product page. Product page content should be diverse, engaging, and relevant.

Aside from product descriptions, trust markers, and pricing information, the product page should offer plenty of realistic or informative visual aids. Again, customers want a personal connection to online businesses. In brick-and-mortar stores, consumers can pick up an item and turn it around a few times, discuss quality and benefits with professional sales people, and feel fabrics.

Reputation Management - 10 Misconceptions - Stealth iMarketing

When you offer descriptive product videos, 3D rotating imagery, or zoom features for product images, consumers have the virtual equivalent of touching the product. A few areas to pay special attention to with regard to product images and videos include:. Consumers need a reason to choose you over a competitor. What makes buying the product from you better than buying it from a competitor?

Create product page content that does the following:.

The way you compete with other eCommerce businesses in your industry is to raise the bar for creative and insightful product page content and then shatter it. Product page content encompasses many forms of consumer engagement, some of which have already been discussed. Browse through the product pages of other leaders in your industry, and keep these four questions in mind :.

After you resolve these queries, ask your loyal customers to take part in a survey. A properly implemented survey gives you genuine feedback and honest suggestions for change. The key here is that you avoid black hat techniques when building links. Black hat is, was, and always will be against the rules. Avoid it. Do use white hat techniques though.

10 Misconceptions About Product Page Content

This SEO myth needs to go away once and for all. There are too many changes that happen online every day. Someone is always fighting to take your spot. Search algorithms, competition, or old content are just a few of the things that could affect your rankings. If you want to keep your traffic numbers high, you have to continually invest in SEO.

Instead, you need to focus on more narrow keywords or long-tail keywords. The idea is that long-tail keywords are more targeted and will attract a more motivated audience than a generalized keyword. Black hat practices can get you penalized, or even worse, get your website banned on Google. It is important to build site rank, author rank, and trust to make the most of your efforts.

You need to take an integrated approach toward your marketing campaign. Using good organic practices will get you good results. Most business owners invest a huge sum of money trying to rank for specific keywords. A good SEO agency will diversify your traffic sources. Another point to remember is that SEO agencies do not control Google or other search engines and can only use consistent and organic practices to keep your business ranking close to the top.

Common Misconceptions about SEO that You Need to Let Go

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. You need to make constant efforts to make sure everything on the website is updated. It is important to add new content on a regular basis. Most importantly, you need to promote the content constantly on various marketing channels.